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Farmleigh Spring

It is spring. Daffodils are flourishing in the garden and the magnolia is in full bud. It is time to go out and paint. The weather has not turned around yet: maybe a trip up to Farmleigh in the Phoenix Park, Dublin. It was the home of the Guinness family until the State bought it some years ago. There are wonderful gardens, and a lake. At this time of year the grass is full of white and violet wood anemones. The trees are all in blossom now. Ready to paint. Last year I spent a lot of time there: it is so beautiful. Here is an images of one of last year’s paintings. Of course, the driveway up to the house is full of daffodils as well. I have done very little "plein air" painting. I was in Morocco in May painting with my friend, and great Belfast painter, Colin Watson. Since I came back I have been concentrating on Moroccan paintings. So to go outside to paint here will be changing gears in my head. It may take a few days to get used to it.

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