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When Covid-19 commenced at the end of February, early March, it was just the beginning of Spring. Daffodils were out in the gardens, and the buffers along the roads. Farmleigh was magnificent with carpets of purple and white anemones in the grass. The trees were beginning to blossom. Although supposed to “Cocoon” at home, I did break cover everyday to do my hour long walk. Weather was nice. There was no one out and about. Walking around my concrete neighborhood I notice that the Cherry Blossoms were coming into bloom. They were rich, full, fat, and magnificent this year. I stopped to cut some of the pink blossoms. I put it in a glass or jam jar and then wondered what to do.

Since we were now in lock-down, we had to order our groceries from the supermarket and have them delivered. The first delivery came in two stout cardboard boxes. The weather was very good. Warm enough to sit outside. So I took one box and went into the garden. I thought about standing the box on its end and using the inside of it as a sort of shelter and background. But then I turned it upside down. There was a white bottom, and I put the flowers on that. It made a splendid table top. The sunlight was strong and caused the flowers to cast wonderful shadows.

It was the cast shadows that really caught my attention. That is what I looked for. That is why they are called “Shadows and Flowers”, not the other way around.

Then I did one of the White Cherry Blossoms then some apple blossoms. It went on, constantly giving. When Forget me Nots came out, I was in my element. So delicate and beautiful. I did maybe 3 or 4 of those. The weather got better and better. Last week (the last week of May) the temperature reached about 26°C . The shadows were wonderful!

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