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The Moroccan Paintings

Paintings are available through Medina Art Gallery in Tangier, Morocco.

le Jardin Secret (2), Marrakech. 21 x 25

SOLD Le Jardin Secret 2
Oil 63 x 53 cm
This is a wonderful oasis in the middle of bustling Marrakech. So quite and peaceful. I painted another version which is below.

14. _Suk, Marrakech. 35 x 25 cms oil..JP

Suk, Marrakech 
Oil 35 x 25 cm
A small study of the traffic in the suk. Everything drives trough, motor bikes, small vans, donkeys and cart, and pedestrians. It is such an exciting place. 

13. Street with Mosque. oil. 35 x 25 cms

Street with Mosque
Oil 35 x 25 cm
The street of Marrakech are narrow, and suddenly a motor bikes come along. People are going to and coming from the Mosque.

12. Entering Telouet. 30 x 24 cms. oil.J

Entering Telouet
Oil 30 x 24 cm 
Telouet is way down in the desert where the buildings are all made from adobe. This man was wearing the most amazing clothes and long scarf of saffron.

Jardin Secret, Marrakech. 50 x 40 cm.jpg

SOLD. Le Jardin Secret 1
Oil 63 x 53 cm
This was the first version I painted. It was so hot, and in the pavilion it was wonderfully cool. I wanted to try and express that contrast.

Jacaranda Tree at Katoubia Garden, Marra

Jacaranda Tree at Ketoubia Garden, Marrakech
Oil 70 x 50 cm 
The Katoubia is full of wonderful subjects. I loved how the tree leaned into the painting. 

Orange Seller. 25 x 30 cm.jpg

Orange Seller of Marrakech
Oil 30 x 25 cm
Behind the Katoubia I found this orange seller with his trays of fruit all around the sort of makeshift stall he used.  

In the Suk. Oil 20 x 25 cm

In the Suk
Oil 20 x 25 cm
I saw the motorbike and the woman pushing a bicycle in this narrow lane of the suk. I loved the composition. 

Kasbah, Ait Benhaddou. 60 x 100 cm.jpg

Kasbah Ait Behaddou
Oil 60 x 100 cm
Ait benhaddou is quite far into the desert. we had driven through the Atlas mountains, a fantastic drive, and went south. We stayed in an adobe hotel called the Caravan. From the roof, in the early morning, I had this view of the Kasbah. This one took a long time to resolve.

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