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The Jerusalem Paintings

21. A lane off Jaffa Street, Oil. 14 x 8

A lane off Jaffa Street
Oil 35 x 25 cm
This was painted in the evening just as the sun was setting over Jaffa Street. 

22. A lane, Nachlaot. Oil. 14 x 10 incle

A lane, Nachlaot
Oil 35 x 25 cms
It was such a backwater in the neighbourhood. But the houses were all so old and timeless. I tried to say something about the man and his son walking there. 

20. Street in the Arab Quarter. Oil 10 x

Street in the Arab Quarter
Oil 25 x 35 cm

This street was in the Arab Quarter of the old city. I loved this aspect of the Golden Dome. I stood there for three hours being teased by a lot of Arab boys who seemed to speak good English. 

16 Golden Dome from Petra hostel (2) Oil

Golden Dome from Petra Hostel
Oil 30 x 30 cm 

I loved this aspect of the Golden Dome. I found a hostel just inside the Jaffa Gate and went in to ask if I could paint from the roof. I was permitted, but when I saw it I relasied I was too high up so I asked if I could go down one floor. I did and this was a wonderful aspect.. Maybe I should do it bigger. . 

17. Agrippas St. Oil 8 x 12 incles. 20 x

Agrippas Street
Oil 20 x 30 cm

We stayed in an apartment on Aggripas  Street. This was the view from the roof. 

19. A courtyard, Nachlaot. Oil 14 x 10 i

Courtyard, Nachlaot
Oil 25 x 35 cm 

The area was full of surprises. This was possibly a courtyard or just steps to a house. But it intrigued me. I tried to say something about how hot it was. 

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