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Still Life Paintings


Blueberries and Strawberries
Oil 25 x 30 cm 
A delicious bowl of fruit. 
I wanted to paint these colours together. I was attracted to the idea of the blueberries and the strawberries. I didn't try to say anything else. 


Sunflower Field. oil. 50 x 40 cms. E850.jpg

Sunflower Field
Oil 40 x 50 cm
A group called the Boathouse Painters posted a paint out at a sunflower field to paint. I never knew of a sunflower field in Dublin. I associate them with the south of France. But near the Airport is this field. It is substantial and located in lovely rolling countryside. 

Orange Blossom. Oil 70 x 50 cms. E1,400.00.JPG

Vase of flowers 

Oil 35 x 25 cm
I have a shrub in my garden called a Philadelphus. Also known as a mock orange. It has a beautiful scent. I have painted several paintigns of this plant. 


Mock Orange Oil 30 x 30 cms. g

Mock Orange or Philadelphus
Oil 35 x 25 cm 
A small study of the flowers. 

Cafe. Oil. 25 x 25 cms. E 450.jpg
Philodelphus  and  cherries. Oil. 50 x 60 cms. E 850.jpg

Cafe with Yellow Awning.
Oil 25 x 35 cm
This was painted in the village of Enniskerry outside Dublin. I went there with a few painting friends, and when I saw this Yellow awning and the shapes of the people at the tables on the street, I knew I wanted to paint it. 

Philadelphus and Cherries.
Oil 30 x 30 cm 
I wanted to paint the flowers with the deep red of the cherries. 

Blessington Lake
Oil 25 x 35 cm 
This is about 20 miles outside Dublin in the Co. Wicklow. I liked the arial perspective that day and tried to capture something of the movement in the sky. 

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